The Nashville & Western Railroad

The Nashville and Western Railroad is a short-line freight rail operator that runs between downtown Nashville and Ashland City, TN. The NWR, a sister railroad to the well established Nashville & Eastern, was launched in 2000. With the help of its public partners (Cheatham County Railroad Authority & TDOT) over the years, the Railroad has successfully worked to rehabilitate its bridge and rail infrastructure, increase its customer base and extend its service area westward (now 18 miles west of downtown Nashville).

At present, NWR inbounds a wide array of commodities (plate steel, ethanol, bio-diesel, plastics, perlite, cement, etc…) to its diverse customer base. Outbound freight currently consists largely of recyclables (paper, glass, scrap metal & waste oil). The Railroad, interchanges with CSX at 14th St. in Nashville, at the Nashville (NASHL) station, and it generally has space available for car storage (up to 100 cars).